The practice supports the NHS policy of zero tolerance with regard to violence or abuse to the doctors, staff or others on the practice premises or other locations where treatment may take place. Persons abusing this policy may be reported to the police and removed from the practice list.


The Practice does not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, age, disability or sexuality.


We are a training Practice and we sometimes need to use Patients records during official visits to check on Practice quality and standards.  The official visiting team  all adhere to a strict duty of confidentiality and data protection.


The Practice is involved in the training of Medical Students this will mean that sometimes another person will be 'sitting in' with your Doctor.  You will be warned in advance when this is happening and you will have the opportunity to decline.  The Practice also trains GP Registrars who are fully qualified Doctors completing their training in General Practice.  Sometimes there will be joint sessions with the GP Trainer and the GP Registrar but more often they will have surgeries of their own.  Please see Reception area for the current registrar.  Occasionally the GP Registrar will video their appointment sessions for training purposes.  You will be warned in advance when booking your appointment if the session is to be videoed.  Intimate examinations will not be recorded.  All recordings will be erased after use.