1 To deliver high quality safe cost effective and efficient health care.

2 To provide a modern and up to date service adhering to the latest guidance and national standards.

3 To operate without prejudice in a confidential and non judgemental manner.

4 To improve and maintain the physical and mental wellbeing of the individual.

5 To reduce morbidity and mortality.

6 To meet the needs of the registered population and their carers and those with temporary or emergency needs.

7 To facilitate training for GP Registrars.

8 To employ professionally trained medical, nursing and administrative personnel

 When treating patients we aim to take a proactive and a reactive approach.


 we take a proactive approach to disease prevention and monitor health and well being. We offer care and advice about health and illness.


We provide treatment for chronic diseases which may include prescribing medication as part of a treatment plan.

We aim to assess and treat diseases and illnesses,acute and chronic and react speedily to the needs of patients.

We recogise the need to offer referral to specialist clinicians where appropriate.

We undertake a range  of investigative/diagnostic evidence based tests to enable us to plan treatment.

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