In the even of bereavement, grief and personal distress may make it hard to deal with urgent practical matters and formalities. Please use this information to help where you may be unsure.

What do immediately after someone dies

If your loved one has died at home and their death was expected you should phone their GP who will issue a death certificate confirming the cause of death, If the death occurs outside of GP opening times you may call a funeral director directly.

If the death was unexpected or you do not know the name of their GP you should call the police. A GP cannot issue a death certificate if they are not sure of the cause of death. When this happens the death must be reported to a coroner and the body taken for post-mortem.

If the death has happened in hospital, the doctor there will issue the certificate. The hospital will also be able to hold your loved ones body until you arrange for it to be moved. In some cases the doctor at the hospital may also choose to refer the matter to the coroner.

For information regarding other formalities and processes required after the death of a loved one please click the link below